December 31, 2008

The Dead

Dinner For Two is a restaurant in Santa Fe which I believe is staffed entirely with the UN-Dead (or non-dead, living dead). Yet to have eaten there, I now realize this inevitability to be my resolution for 2009. I will eat a dinner for two in Dinner For Two. I will stare at the patrons and the staff (my usual) and try to decipher if those enjoying their New York Strip are as dead, but all the while more animated, than their meal. I hope that while I dine, I will cross through some time-space-life/death portal so that it is my undeadness which washes down my complimentary bread with red table wine. The difficulty of my translation of this sure-feeling will have to suffice. Please take my blog word for it. Maybe one of you would care to join me.

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