December 30, 2008

Apologies & "Resume should have Personality"

My computer just freaked out from a virus & there was a sketchy warning while rebooting, so if I disappear whilst during our attempt to reach 308 posts, you know what happened. I've got to install some updates & do scans & backup & whatever else you're supposed to do in this universe. It happened when my housemate downloaded a form with a sample resume - She managed to find some of the sketchiest resume-help sites available on the internet, including this amazingly helpful essay called "Resume should have Personality" which I will quote in full:

What do you feel, do resume needs to have personality? Yes, it is so. Through you have very good personality but if you do not convey on your resume then, it has got no use. Therefore, you should always make your resume, which can reflect your personality over reader.

After making your resume, first of all, it is necessary for you to read your resume. You should read it in same method what professional managers do read of any candidates. Do you feel it interesting? Or you are feeling it too boring to read your own resume? Do you feel that you will fall asleep while reading it at ten o clock in evening? Generally, the human resource professionals follow it.

It is not at all easy to make a good and personality resume. It is not an easy work to make a resume, which can be read from top to bottom. Well, to make your resume good and interesting, you need to be active as well as you need to use vibrant language in whole resume. Using vibrant language does not mean that you need to use lot of slang as well as jargon in your resume. You should definitely use it but quite contrary times. At same time, if you use flowery speech then, you will find your resume to be tossed out. Well, over all, it is necessary for you to use the language or words, which shows enthusiasm, responsibility as well as confidence and accomplishments too, which makes employer or reader attached to your resume.

You should always use the words in resume, which let your personality demonstrate through your resume. At same time, you need to make your cover letter too such interesting. There are number of resumes, which are too dull as well as lifeless. Many at times, it becomes too painful to read such resumes. You should use the words in resume, which makes feel the employer that you enjoy with your work and you feel too good in working hard each day.

It is necessary to make your too professional but at same time, you should take care that your resume does not turn up to be boring. You can make your resume bit interesting by changing out the words from there to here or by adding some new words. You should show the energy power as well as excitement about the career field selected.

If my computer restarts, stay tuned for our end-of-the-year bashery. Including~! -New Years Resoltions, & some correspondences about about text message novels & hookah-bars in Istanberkeley.

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