December 24, 2008

#1 lets reach Liam's arbitrary goal! we need something to believe in!

My mother is expounding on the virtues of the YMCA, and asserting that universities ruined everything by building gyms, thereby luring young people away from the wonderfullness of the YMCA. Jeremy is saying "uh huh, uh huh". I want to see the Wrestler because it looks like the only good movie out right now. A lot of people will see 'Benjamin Button' because Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett lie naked in a bed together. Is that worth 10 dollars? The rest of the movie involves feats of post-production digital shnookery in which Brad Pitt's face is smooshed into various Body doubles who acted as benjamin button's body at various ages. how fucking wierd is that? I feel bad for the post-production people (armies of them, I'm sure) who are probably all half blind from staring at this movie and will never work again as a result and won't get disability because the economy is shit. I wonder how the body doubles will feel when they watch the movie. will they want to kill Brad Pitt because his face just does nothing but cover up their face? rrrr. that would make me mad.
Jeremy says "I want high speed trains! I don't want the half-assed Acela! it's crap!"
Liam gave in and bought a sweater with no holes from target. Liam! that was not my advice! My advice was that your boss who wears a suit to the gallery should leave the suit at the gallery and then you can wear it when you're there, and if you're both there, you can trade the suit off every 20 minutes.

when i grew up in boston town
when i grew up in boston town
when I grew up in boston town
i walked that city up and down
when i grew up in boston town

when i came back to boston town
when i came back in boston town
when i came back to boston town
they'd moved the buildings all around
when I came back to Boston town

bury me in boston town
yeah bury me in boston town
when you lay my body down
it better be in boston ground
bury me in Boston town

-an old Nick Szydlowski banga

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ß. Andrigon said...

Hi Grainne, I wouldn't feel too bad for the digital people in Hollywood, remember that cocaine can go a long way towards believing that you're doing the most important job in the world, like editing Brad Pitt's face onto old people's bodies.
Man, I got a 50¢ copy of Woody Allen's "Manhattan" at the thrift store, that's such a beautiful movie, its b&w romanticization of New York with Gershwin music almost makes me miss it, Happy Christmas Eve, I may be drinking Fat Tire alone with Jenny Ruth wrapping soaps up for her relatives. I look forward to the twenty-six posts we have left to do before aught-nine.