November 25, 2008

TONIGHT at the Castro Theatre

I cried my brains out at the documentary "The Times of Harvey Milk," & watching the Hollywood version, the night before it opens, in the legendary neighborhood which Milk was supervisor of, surrounded by the people who lived it, at such a heated time for gay rights, I can only imagine, will be an emotional experience.


Olaf Mary said...

just read the times review, thinking of home, wish I could be there. I miss jenny ruth crawford.and james henry welsch and grace frances marlier and james eliot quill and so on. Have I told you that i don't know anyone here, in the other SF. Why am I saying this in the comments? Oh yeah, because i wish i could go see Milk at The Castro. Or just go to the Castro. Movies take a year or so to reach the netherworld of New Southwestern States. I am not grumpy or sad today, though it might sound it. I received a very lovely email today. I may apply to grad schools. Almonds have become very expensive. I installed garland at the gallery today. Locked myself out of the gallery yesterday. Our landlord (at the gallery), Alice Parrot is a famous weaver. My apartment landlord is named Steve. He is very generous and reminds me of my uncle Jared.

ß. Andrigon said...

I miss you like dugongs miss seaweed, Oh Mr Liam Joseph Olaf Worland Mary Golden, you are also the blogosphere's finest blog commenter.
Milk's actually pretty good, & Shaun Penn rocks it. You should a been there, tho, it's a great San Franciscan movie with lots of great shots of the town - as you once claimed there needed to be more movies celebrating the hoods like there are of NY.
Will you ever post photos of your gallery?

ß. Andrigon said...

Man, Liam, there's great local politics in this movie too. What other film has half the movie devoted to a campaign for supervisor district representative?