November 17, 2008

James is in Finnegans Wake and James is in Finnegans Wake

I am reading a book wherein, on page 145, a copy of a letter written by Leonard Lyons to Julius Marx includes this excerpt of a Thornton Wilder letter to Leonard Lyons:

RE Groucho and "Finnegans Wake"- I have long thought he was in the book. Weren't the Marx Brothers once in a skit about Napoleon? I seem to remember them wearing tricornes, etc. Anyway, on pages 8 and 9

(pause for retrieval of your personal editions)

there is a visit to the Wellington Museum at Waterloo and I read ... "This is the three lipoleum Coyne Grouching down in the living detch."

On page 154, just a bit further on in the book I am reading, a letter from Tom S. Eliot, Missourian, to Julius Henry Marx, New Yorker, reads:

P.S. I like cigars too but there isn't any cigar in my portrait either.

But where is this portrait? (I know where it is, having read the letter - anyone familiar with portraits and their usual place may guess awkwardly, ashamed) The portrait is in this book and not in this book I am reading. The portrait is both somewhere outside of this book and inside this book. It was not entirely in any of your minds and it is now in your minds, though you might not yet have figured out where the physical nature of the portrait resides.

James, as we have known is not in "Finnegans Wake." James, also, as we(us) have known has not been in "Finnegans Wake." We have and continue to know, knowing that I like James Henry Welsch and James Eliot Quill and neither are in my portrait. Consequently
, James Henry Welsch is James Joyce's thin goy mustache, I am Julius' thick greasepaint jew mustache, and James Eliot Quill is in Bulgaria, working on his being his very own mustache, and all of us three are in and are not in "Finnegans Wake."


ß. Andrigon said...

I guess I shouldn't be offended at you referring to my mustache as goy, because, as Republicans like to say, if it looks & talks like a duck then it is a goy mustache. But my pointee goatee is definitely HINDOO.
Mr Mary, you are the finest blogger on the blogosphere.
I'm enjoying the mix you made called "THIS IS A TAPE" with its many versions of "Hey, Jude." Hey, indeed.

grainne proinseas said...

respectfully- and not to deliberately quelch your pleasure at your many versions of "hey jude"- you will never know the many-tongued sorcery of the compact disc that mr. mary concocted for yours truly.

ß. Andrigon said...

Well, no one is trying to start a quarrel for Olaf's love. But if one was, I'm sure my package from him was far more awesome. And has he ever sent you a text message saying simply "I love you."??
Some audio hip-hoperatic, arrangements from his taped tracks, coming eventually to this website.
& not trying to start an interbloggic battle. But Liam loves me more.