November 05, 2008

I just have to say this

I AM SO PROUD OF US, WHITE AMERICA. apparently, we don't suck as much as everyone, including ourselves, has often assumed we do.


ß. Andrigon said...

I know, I had an argument with my father about the alleged "Bradley Effect", where he was like "it's a big deal, I read about it in a magazine", & I was like "I don't believe in it, not for a moment, not in 2008." I read somewhere that it's even controversial if there was a Bradley effect for Bradley himself! I think it was only blabbed about so much on the news as a possible reason to make the election appear closer than it was, as a way it could slide to McCain on the day of. The Daily Show rightly put the fake Bradley effect to death last night. Goodby, Bradley Effect, rest in peace, you never even existed enough to suck, I banish you from Imaginary America.

I wish I had the opportunity to lie to pollsters! I'm always saying I'll vote the cool kid & then go & vote for the trekkie.

One of Rick Hertzberg's blog-readers e-mailed him this anecdote:

"Just a little note to all of you, as we get ready to sit down and wait. My husband’s former father-in-law, a truly horrid little man who uses the “N” word with regularity and a forceful commitment to every nasty thing it represents, pulled the lever a few hours ago, in a dingy, struggling town in West Virginia…for Barack Obama. Just something to feel a little bit in awe of as you sip your cocktail and wonder if tonight is going to be what we hope it will be."

ß. Andrigon said...

That above character, the "truly horrid little man", falls into a little-discussed group, "Racists for Obama" - part of his winning coalition.