November 05, 2008

Correspondences: "Whoo-hoo!"

It's hard to describe the pandemonium in San Francisco last night, a copacetic time that will be a joy to tell my grandkids about.

Here are a few of the text messages sent around the country - - since text messaging is a temporal art form, we're living in the middle of the golden age, I'll post some here for posterity:

From Seattle to Berkeley 3:14pm (all times Western):

"Kentucky was just on npr because of long lines in democratic louisville. If that's a toss up state tonight, the pope is a rabbi."

From Berkeley to Brooklyn 6:27pm
"They called Ohio! We're close. You online? I'm liveblogging alone."

From Santa Fe to Berkeley 6:36pm
(A historic moment, the first text message I've received from this number.)

"I love you."

From Berkeley to Santa Fe 6:37pm
"New Mex was just called for Barack. BILL LOVES YOU TOO"

From Santa Fe to Berkeley 6:40pm
"I just heard you are the fastest texter"

From Berkeley to Seattle 7:53pm
"Election party in the mission. Repubs can't steal it now..."

From Brooklyn to Berkeley 7:59pm

From Brooklyn to Berkeley (Now physically in San Francisco) 8:02pm

From Berkeley to Brooklyn 8:03pm

From Berkeley to Brooklyn 8:40pm
"I'm at an Irish bar, people are quiet & contemplative."

From Berkeley to Incline Village, Nevada 8:47pm
"Exciting night to be in San Francisco. There's dancing in the streets."

From Seattle to Berkeley 9:10pm
"Wish we were watching this together, dude."

From Berkeley to Denver 9:24pm
"Sophie! Sophie! Sophie! Sophie!"

From Incline Village, Nevada, to Berkeley 9:39pm
"Enjoy. We all voted for Obamam"

From Seattle to Berkeley 9:44pm
"Nevada's blue!"

From Oakland to Berkeley 10:02pm
"Rock, rock on! Here's to the new american century! -nn."

From Berkeley to a variety of places 9:59pm
"Good night to be on the streets of SF, We were just offering champagne to people in cars. God bless Obama's god."

And, here was my brief chat today with Miss Sophie L___ (campaigning for the last month in Denver):

12:10 PM Sophie: JAMES!
I wanted to callyou but my phone died
12:11 PM me: Oriane & I called you.
Sophie: omg
me: We were in San Francisco, first at a lame party, then at a raucus Irish pub to watch the speeches. Then there was blocks closed off with percussion & dancing in the streets.
12:12 PM Sophie: omfg
that sounds amazing
me: Then I think she wandered off to a club in the castro, I kept dancing then made the last BART home.
12:13 PM How was Denver?
Or where are you?
Sophie: denver was amazing
12:15 PM for the pastfew weeks ppl haven't wantedto talk about the election--obama or mccain supporters but then we were all at a bar and everyone was screaming and running around the streets and cars were beeping and suddenly everyone was an obama supporter
i lifted up a homeless guy on my shoulders
me: Yes, it was like that here, but without the cryptos.
Are you headed back to Mass. Change your flight & come here!
12:16 PM Sophie: i thought about it but i'm not sure if i can
12:17 PM me: Do it. Yes, you can.
Sophie: haha
me: That's what we were saying last night.
Sophie: si sepuede
12:18 PM me: There were these people dancing on top of cars in the crowd, & someone was like "Are those people on cars?" & we were like "No, people can fly now that Obama is elected."
Sophie: yes. yes they can.
how amazing was his speech?!
me: Dude the whole bar was crying
12:19 PM Sophie: srsly???
me: With him at every word
Well, not the whole bar


ß. Andrigon said...

Here's what Berkeley's Telegraph Ave looked like:

ß. Andrigon said...

And I, Ishmael, was on that ship.