November 04, 2008

Care to Liveblog, Mr Helm?

Is anyone around to liveblog? (Post a comment below, or edit the post.) I just went back over to the Harriet Tubman Terrace & there was no line - shows how Democracy is weighted unevenly by this electoral college, swing-state nation. If there was a national popular vote, every voter would count equally on no matter what crazy backwards island they dwelled

5:29pm Western Time. Chris Matthews just called Pennsylvania "fools gold for Republicans." I'm having a grand time watching MSNBC, which I've never done before (having no TV or friends.) I'll embed the player here, & there's a bunch of other electoral maps at this website. I don't want to make rash conclusions, but can John McCain win if he loses Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, & then continues to lose a few Bush states?

5:37pm They called Georgia & Alabama... Those would have been great gets, & Barack Obama will be president of them even if a majority of their voters didn't chose him.

5:57pm Western Time - The polls in New York close in three minutes, can I please pop the cork on my Three Philosophers? Let's deflower this baby, she's fucking nubile.

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