October 22, 2008

Zoom In on Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District, & Elwyn Tinklenberg

Brooklyn's Miss Grainne Proinseas points us towards the now tightening race in Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District. It is a largely conservative district north of Minneapolis. Their zany diarrhea-mouth representative Michele Bachmann went on Meet the Press this last weekend & suggested that "anti-American" members of congress, such as Barack Obama, should be investigated to see if they were truly patriotic. (The original clip is here, & Jon Stewart's reaction is here.) In the five days since, the Republican National Committee has pulled all of its funds from her race, & contributers from all over the country have poured more than a million dollars into her Democratic Challenger's previously ignored challenge. Miss Proinseas has sent an e-mail to be circulated:

I channelled my hurt and disgusted feelings upon hearing her comments into a donation (a small donation, but a donation nonetheless) to the democrat who is vying for her seat in the house. Elwyn Tinklenberg is actually a pretty cool guy in and of himself...former secretary of transportation under Jesse Ventura who has been a pioneer advocate of lightrail and public transportation in Minnesota. Rep. Bachmann deserves to lose her seat because of her divisive careless partisan mudslinging, which can not be helpful in building bipartisan consensus on important issues, and Elwyn Tinklenberg would be a welcome addition to a congress that must act to improve public transportation and hopefully lay lightrail nationwide.
I urge you all to go make a donation to Tinklenberg- 5, 10, 20 dollars, whatever you can.

Now that he can afford it, here is El Tinklenberg's new positive political ad--: (Listen carefully! there's a toy-piano in the soundtrack!)

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Brains said...

I just got Tinklenberg horny when they talked about the mass transit stuff.