October 04, 2008

WARNING: Say It Ain't Terra/ist ON O IT WAS LOST

Some of You may have seen some drawings on this website.

These drawings are priceless originals, stolen and posted without express permission of the board. I apologize for any poor formatting. While I cannot take the blame for this grave crime, I would like to share the news of the recent increase in value of said drawings as a result of the heinous act by the group TERRA/IST.


Brains said...

Most talented contribewters ever, wouldn't you say?

ß. Andrigon said...

I do feel, Mr Brains, that there is some first-class artistry being contri-"bew"-ted to this website, & recognition by the academic establishment is imminent. What what, Mr Mary & Ms Proinseas!

Jeeves said...

What what, here here, a jolly good fellow!

Anonymous said...

to whom it may concern:
we want to be in your footnotes, but we expect monetary compensation for your enlightenment.
you can pay us in any precious metal, in jewelery, in land, or in livestock.
most respectfully yours,
Agent O