October 23, 2008

Support Larry Kissell in N.C, too

Since you're already contributing to Tinklenberg, folks, while you're at it go to www.larrykissell.com and make a contribution to unseat this jerk (Rep. Robin Hayes, Republican Incumbent), as well:

I just gave him 10 bucks, and it felt awesome, let me tell you. Don't forget to read about Larry. He's a neat guy, too- social studies teacher, was a textile worker for years- like John Edwards' dad!- and he also has a clearly articulated message of bipartisan cooperation and mature collaboration for positive change.


ß. Andrigon said...

Special commission for itwaslost.org:

Find photographs & illustrations of the Imaginary America.
I'll be using my tomato blimp in the quest:

grainne proinseas said...

I amend: if you can't find mind-blowing illustrations of the imaginary America, make them yourself!