October 01, 2008

Still in full-swing Palin Mode with thirty hour count-down to the Veep Debate:

I just saw Doonesbury's above strips from last week, which are in a similar vein to my below proposal for a Sarah Palin video-game. (If they're too small, just go HERE & read all six.) Trudeau has a nice conclusion to the strips, with B.D. (the former football playing, war veteran, who used to be gung-ho for Nixon in the '70s) enjoying the cognitive dissonance of what type of roll-model Mrs Palin can aspire to be. His grin is priceless, I haven't seen him this happy since he lost his leg & helmet (it had to be surgically removed.)

Sarah Palin is often mockingly compared to Northern Exposure, but I'm not convinced that Wasilla (a suburb of Anchorage & fourth-largest city) has much in common with David Chase's lovely fictional Cicely, Alaska. Palin's hunky-dority is sometimes reminiscent of the character Shelly Vincoeur, tho - like, calling her husband the "First Dude" is totally something Shelly would do. Anyway, CNN just did some investigation into the claim that the Governor has ever seen Russia from Alaska, one of her oft-repeated credentials for foreign policy experience. She's never been to the place you can see Russia - the tiny town ("at the end of the road" as Tom Bodett would say, or far past it in this case) of Diomede, with only 150 residents, which can always see twenty-four hours into the future, & the various residents in this short clip reminded me much more of a real Cicely:

I apologize to anyone who spent all of last night trying to view this blog, you really should have given up & gone out. It's unhealthy to spend all night trying to load non-responsive blogs. It seems that Blogger has fixed whatever problem it inflicted on many of the Blogosphere's finest. Also, because it was buried a few posts below, I invite you to listen to Hotel Universe's new album 19 & 74, from Grainne's partner in Brooklynood, Nick Szydlowski: Download it an unzippable file HERE!

RELATED UPDATE: The shape-note score has been added to the song TOXICODENDRON below.

And please meet us here at 6pm Western Time for the VP debates.


ß. Andrigon said...

Twaslosties, I think this New York Times video may be essential preparation for the debates:


grainne proinseas said...

correction: Nick is still keeping it real in Boston. We are now a band that exists across the frontiers of furious baseball rivalries. Although It should be noted that I root for the Mets here, not that other shitty franchise that humiliated itself this year. huzzah!

Brains said...

"No cars. No roads. No TV." My dream town!