October 25, 2008

Something I Learned During My Delicious Plate of Huevos Yucatecos

So, in Brasil, one can register as a candidate of a local election under any name. As a result, three folks chose Barack Obama. Other candidates included Bill Clinton, Chico Bin Laden, and Jorge Bush. Over 200 candidates registered as Luiz Inacio Lula DeSilva, the current president of Brasil.

Why can't we do that? Or: One more reason to move to Brasil.


Atlanta Pentecostal Preacher Thomas Weeks is "in talks" towards the possibility of a new reality show entitled, "Holy Hook Up: Who Will Be The Next Mrs. Weeks?" He expects the program to be a "very tasteful, five star presentation."

Who invented this star system of quality scale bullshit?

All three Obamas lost. This means nothing.

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ß. Andrigon said...

More frustrating is how some movie reviews have four, five & even ten possible stars. The finest restaurant gets three michelin stars. Perhaps Big Gov should have a look into this sunken standard of quality.