October 02, 2008

LIVE we're LIVE Blogging! The Vice Presidential Debates! Here!

Yes, you might wisely point out, that, if we were real political bloggers, we'd be in St. Louis tonight in the internet-press room, instead of spread around in left-leaning enclaves of America watching this shit on Television. But I ask you! Do they have hookahs in the press room? I'm not sure if Missouri has banned smoking indoors, but I still doubt it would be smiled upon by the conservative blogosphericals.

It's time to ask ourselves: Who is Joe Biden? Does he drink white wine? Would he enjoy the hookah, if it wasn't a potential political liability. Does he eat like me or think like me? Is he ready to be president on day one, hour one? Is he just another east coast liberal? Is he just another weathered Washington politician, is that why he knows so much stuff about stuff?

6:03pm Western Time! Look there they are! Joe & Sarah! On Stage! Sam du Groing here blogging in red.

Joe is an honest, blue-eyed irishman.

Is it just me or does miss alaska look a little deer-in-the-headlights?

How unfair, Biden is rattling off about all the things he's done in congress. Also, speaking of unfair, isn't it a little biased to have this debate moderated by not just a black person but simultaneously a woman person, sort of biased towards BOTH Obama & Palin.

yeah, she only hates Biden, the white guy. Sarah has said "darn right" 5 times so far.

6:12pm She seems extremely polished & confident. I hope they ask about the terrible issues plaguing Eritrea. And watch her stumble stupidly over the pronunciation of President Isaias Afewerki's name. She's never even been to Africa!

Holy shitzoids! She really is talking straight to the American people!

Biden's calling out McCain-Palin on their lies about Obama & raising taxes, but do you think people really believe the Democrats anymore, no matter how many times they point this out? Hey Grainne, looks like we're here alone so far. Where's Seattle? Where's Bulgarious?

Bulgaria always ditches us. is it because he's engaged? is it because bulgarian kids are hogging the computers? is it because it's some godawful hour in bulgaria? has he forgotten how to write in english?

Text message from Brains: "How's it going? Any trouble, gaffes? I'm running home."
I told him they're both talking real fast. Biden stumbles over the word "characterizes", my God, he's toast.

"toxic mess on main street" ????

6:30pm I'm glad she cares so much for Main Street & hates those Wall Street greedy fat cats.
No one seems to be around anywhere. My roommates should be home by now to watch all this, I have eggplant parmesan (Democrat food) in the oven, & expecting a few others over as well. No word from anyone, everyone's missing in action. Of course, my glasses were STOLEN a few days ago, so everything's been a bit blurry any way.

sweet yummy alaskan oil will solve everything and give us all orgasms and eternal life.

6:33pm Okay, now she's sounding a bit dumb & wishy-washy on Climate Change. This is what we've been waiting for, creating crazy run-on nonsense sentences a lot like Tina Fey's impersonation last week.

6: 35pm Text message from Brains: "Listening on radio during walk home. Yeah, they're talking fast. Sarah doesn't attribute it to man."

"wonderful, you agree on gay marraige" - good on gwen.

foreign policy....yay!

"your plan is a white flag of surrender" - that's weak.

NEW POST UP THERE! move on, move up, MOVE!


ß. Andrigon said...

It's not "darn" it's "dern right". Or "dirn right."

grainne proinseas said...

has the nonsense begun?

Anonymous said...

They're both smiling a lot.

ß. Andrigon said...

She's the one who is often taking this condescending tone.

Brains said...

Ha ha, just read this. Joe Biden drinks Appletinis. For breakfast.

Quill said...

4:30 AM stumbled toward computer, turn computer on, nyama internet, curse, go back to bed. Apparently Bulgarious nation doesn't need internet between midnight and 6. A thousand curses. However, just so you know what was going on: a dog was barking outside without pause. My mouse was chasing my other mouse around the kitchen. I was staring at things.