October 02, 2008

Live Blogging: Veep Debates Preparatory Thoughts

We're open & live, a half hour before the debates get going. Good evening! Welcome to the Itwaslost.org Vice Presidential Live Blog. Sam du Groing here signing in, with a loaded-&-ready hookah, prune-flavored Romman Tobacco mixed with a little classic Double Apple, & the finest Jordanian Lemon Wood coals warming on the fire. We invite the wide world to follow along with us, in the comment section, or e-mail o ((at)) it was lost dott oh-arrh-gee! Any opening thoughts from the peanut gallery?

To whet your appetites, here are two videos. The first, of Sarah Heath playing the flute at the talent portion at the 1984 Miss Alaska Pageant. The second is a rare television show from 1977 - about six minutes into this clip has John Denver & Johnny Cash singing Country Roads.

And if you haven't seen the two teaser posts - the Sarah Palin Video Game, & a lovely little video about the city in Alaska where you can actually see Russia.

5:30pm Western time Sam du Groing alive & well in Berkeley, I'll be using this "Indian Red" color. Bob is singing about how "the highway is for gamblers, better use your sense." Not sure what he's talking about.

If you go to CNN.com, where I'll be watching all the action, click on live videos. The video player that pops up is pretty fast & plays on most slow computers. The third live video down just has a simple feed of the room, wherever in "reality space" that actually is taking up space, & there's some nice ambient noise of a room full of people sitting in terrified silence & submission, occasionally coughing. Were they told not to talk, or are the lucky few who got to be in the audience just especially reverent?

5:59pm CNN seems to have found a few voters who are "still on the fence". Trick to be on the televions: be one of the last three undecided voters.

Grainne here. Gwen's jacket looks like a fluffy comforter of the type you'd expect to find in a housetrailer.

my boy Biden seems to be in good form tonight.



ß. Andrigon said...

I hope some of you watched that John Denver / Johnny Cash video I posted as time-killer. There are so many amazing things about it.

pele said...

As with most things that became popular in Taiwan, country music was a craze in Japan first. I s'pose certain sentiments are universal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIX4Blu1sHw I underestimated "Country Roads" as a kid. My dad listened to John Denver a lot, and we would be driving around the hills of Missouri. It irked me that he would say "mountain mama" a lot, one of his favorite jokes.