October 12, 2008

Correspondences: Two Text Messages

The BART running from Fremont to Richmond only runs four times an hour in the evenings, so I composed these two text messages to Mr Mary Mohammad in New Mexico--, (amongst other activities)--, whilst waiting for the maximum possible wait, on John Lennon's 68th birthday last Thursday:

10/09/2008, 10:37:43pm
775-___-7385 to 505-___-4241

Out toward this precedent. & unelectables. Tables full of cuban avocados & barley wine, Sit down my lover, wash off your tattoos & freckles, Eat with this new Jesus, adorned in robes from 1979.

10/09/2008, 10:42:47pm
775-___-7385 to 505-___-4241

How is Governor Richardson? Caught in any midget threesomes? None too late for the parade rubble, No one yet brave enough to bathe with their iPhones, So give up your maidenhead & be part of our couple.

There was no response.


Brains said...

Did you see featured videos at Youtube tonight? Sam Amidon.

ß. Andrigon said...

I'm sure it was our plug on itwaslost.org that brought him to the tubes' attention.