October 25, 2008

Correspondences: Nude Group Chatting with Miss Proinseas, Mrs Shitchrist, Mssrs. Mary & Welsch

Coming soon to our popular Correspondences Section: Peace Negotiations, Revisions, Squabbles & Outtakes from our Special Political Editorial: Endorsement for President of the United States of Frontier Village, Nebraska.

Meantime, here is a lively chat amongst some of our contributors:

4:23 PM Annalee has joined
Olaf: will it be glossier?
me: It'll be nakeder.
Grâce: Annalee!
Annalee: oh goodness.
Olaf: annalee? holy shitchrist!
Grâce: ah!
virtual hello!
Olaf: what the fuck is going on?
Annalee: just annalee is fine.after the divorce, i dropped the 'shitchrist'
Grâce: thats how i feel too
Annalee: seriously.
4:24 PM also, grace, is it true you're in brooklyn?
Grâce: um, yeah?
me: You got divorsed Grace, or just un-shitchristed?
Grâce: where the fuck are you?
Olaf: right here
Grâce: not you
me: Who me?
Annalee: i'm right here, too.
Olaf: i know....sorry
Grâce: in brooklyn?
Olaf: we're all right here
me: Hu's the president of China?
Annalee: third base!~
Grâce: no he's not he's a political prisoner
4:25 PM me: Let's group-chat, dudes.
Annalee: i think we are.
sort of.
and yes, grace, i'm in brooklyn.
4:26 PM Grâce: what part man? what are you doing tonight? Im going to a rock and roll show at public assembly in williamsburg
the only time ive been to williamsburg the whole time ive lived here was with liam
when we got drunk with a bodybuilder and a sexy egyptian lawyer
and saw some avant garde dance
Annalee: wow.
i've been to williamsburg a million times, but have done neither of those things.
Grâce: but i might be going again tonight
4:27 PM Annalee: actually, i've seen avant garde dance.
me: The World series! What'll they think of next?
Olaf: yeah! say, fuck that show, you guys should come on over to my pad in santa fe and watch the final episode of UFO! yeah!
Grâce: fuck the world series
Annalee: sounds like a plan.
Grâce: it's dead to me
it's dead to quill, too
4:28 PM Olaf: grace, your description of the night is wonderful
that night
Grâce: thank you, I'm glad you think so
Olaf: sooooo
Grâce: the red sox made me cry this year
4:29 PM remember when quill punched a hole in the wall?
Annalee: of course.
Grâce: new mexico doesnt have any sports teams
i think Liam should start one
Olaf: yup
lets seee
maybe, um......archery!
Annalee: i like it.
Olaf: i just bought a bow and arrow today
4:30 PM bunch of injuns roaming these parts
Grâce: any good moroccan sports that would transfer well? camel racing?
me: The Santa Fe Bill Richardsons.
Grâce: you're hilarious james
Annalee: archery... on camels.
Grâce: excellent Annalee
Olaf: yeah, camel archery
Annalee: archery... with camels?
Olaf: camarchery
Annalee: you'd need a bigger bow.
Grâce: bow-and arrow camel polo
me: It could be like the terrorist biathlon
4:31 PM Olaf: archcamelry
maybe we should add skiing
Grâce: with bunnies instead of a ball
Olaf: and hold it in those indoor ski slopes in saudi arabia
me: So, what are you guys wearing?
Olaf: yeah, an lets throw in shetland cattle and log throwing
4:32 PM Grâce: did anyone else see the thing on TV about the french guy who is in charge of the indoor snowmaking in dubai?
he was like, younger than us
Olaf: well, a sweater, and some...
Grâce: he made me feel like a loser
Annalee: and full contact flower arranging.
Olaf: underwear
Annalee: flannel.
Olaf: but grace, you are writing the CONTENT.
no PR bullshit, or gant bullshit,
Grâce: I'm wearing a jacket i made. it was inspired by jail.
Olaf: grant
4:33 PM me: Dude, I recommend yer skivvies
Grâce: ah yes
Annalee: you were in jail?
Grâce: no but i look like i could be right now
me: I've got some prison pants I sleep in.
4:34 PM Jenny's ex-boyfriend stole them from jail, & I stole them from her.
Grâce: we used to live in a house together, and now we meet in a series of tubes
Olaf: Clementine
Annalee: like you do.
Olaf: yeah, like, what the fuck
Annalee: seriously.
Olaf: i have to leave my house to talk to you
Grâce: it's a series of tubes!
4:35 PM me: My tube seems to be growing smaller as I progress thru it, yet there's no way back.

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Quill said...

Who said the World Series was dead to me? My dad's a Phillies fan. But if the Rays beat us, they should damn well go on to win the whole thing. I'm torn. And mellower since the alleged wall incident.