October 08, 2008

Correspondences: Chatting during the Second Presidential Debates

5:59 PM me: Where are you?

5 minutes
6:05 PM Bryan: I'm at Racer Cafe, little TV and tea.
me: I'm at my computer.
Witty comment
Bryan: Thanks. Witty. Obama said "strip."
6:09 PM me: That joke didn't work.
6:10 PM Bryan: Oh lord, Meg Whitman. We need a blue alternative to Ebay, stat.
6:11 PM me: The Guardian liveblog is drinking Blue Moon.
Bryan: Anheuser Busch Cindy McCain Blue Moon?

6 minutes
6:18 PM Bryan: Sorry, just checked. It's owned by Coors. And there's no Contras to support in Nicaragua anymore.
6:19 PM me: I'm drinking American budweiser
That woman's question phrasing WAS a-ma-ZING?
6:20 PM Bryan: In TN that was eloquence.
6:23 PM me: Jenny Ruth says "I do not like this man. He's such a piece of poop."
6:24 PM Bryan: I wonder if he has that old man smell when he gets up in their faces like that.
6:25 PM me: Budweiser's good.
6:26 PM Bryan: He's actually answering the question, go Barack!
6:27 PM me: Look at this liveblog software:
Bryan: Sexy software. I sent you that link twice already.
6:28 PM me: Aha.
Sorry, I'm slow.
How do we get it?
Bryan: lemme check. might cost a little.
6:30 PM it's free! you just have to register. You may need a larger HTML window at itwaslost - maybe a link to a wordpress page.
me: I'm considering a big jump anyway.
I'd like it to look more like a magazine with different contributers.
But I'm slow moving.
6:31 PM Bryan: OVERHEAD PROJECTOR for a planetarium sounds awesome.
6:33 PM me: I keep submitting lines from T.S. Eliot's Prufrock to the Huffpost blog
Bryan: ha ha i'm there
6:36 PM i left a comment demanding some insight from T.S. Eliot
me: Brilliant.
6:37 PM Let's swamp them with nonsense.
6:39 PM Bryan: he said "coda," Brokaw's horny.
me: I'm glad the audience is racially diverse, to reflect our diverse nation.
6:40 PM Bryan: looks like the choir at a megachurch, with less pastel
me: Reid the Demographer says: "i dont' see any smart people among them"
Bryan: lol
me: Or people with their own questions.
6:41 PM Bryan: was that a senial old man gaffe?
6:42 PM does he even cash his soc sec checks he's been getting for nine years?

6 minutes
6:49 PM me: From the times blog: "As the debate began, Ms. Palin sat down at a table with Senator Elizabeth Dole, Senator Richard Burr and his wife, Brooke, and Patrick McGrory, the mayor of Charlotte, N.C. (For the record, Ms. Dole eats pizza with a knife and fork.)"
That one
6:50 PM Bryan: "that one, this number right here, look at the kvecher!"
pizza with a knife & fork is satanic
6:53 PM me: MC Hammer's in the audience!
6:54 PM Bryan: are you stalking Hammer?
me: In the house.
He never calls me back.
Bryan: meow
6:55 PM me: Going across state lines, makes me think of the NY governor.
Hair transplants!
Bryan: "gold plated cadillac" obviously he's being racist
me: So below the belt!
6:56 PM Bryan: the hair plugs originate below the belt, don't they?
me: I had mine cut from my pinky toe.
6:57 PM Bryan: "my mother's dead." debate OVER. game, Obama.

5 minutes
7:03 PM Bryan: i'm gonna head home. it's rowdy here. peace out, moustache.
me: Aerial Mouse-stache hunting
I hope I never have to have a town-hall debate. This seems hard.


ß. Andrigon said...

P.S. Here's a great article on the history of the word maverick & the Maverick family:

Brains said...

I've made the correspondences section! I feel like I've survived the hazing.

ß. Andrigon said...

Sorry to let you down, but there's not much rhyme or reason to the logic of the correspondence section.

Brains said...

Oh well. I guess I'm still a loser. I can't spell anyway.