October 14, 2008

Correspondences: Chat with Bulgarity

11:29 PM

me: What happened today in Bulgaria?
11:30 PM James: not much yet, it's 9:30
I'm teaching in 30 minutes or so
me: What will happen.
Good luck. Don't be too hard on them, they are the future.
James: what's white and crawls up your leg?
11:31 PM me: WHAT
James: Uncle Ben's perverted rice
me: That's a good joke.
James: I thought you'd like it
me: I've got a whale joke, but it's hard to tell over chat.
James: ok. come over later and tell me
me: Just, at the appropriate moment, make loud whale noises.
Whale song.
11:32 PM James: haha
me: So these two whales walk into a bar, & the bartender says, What'll you have?
And the first whale says,
ohh-oooo whaaaaa-oooo-aaa--ooooo ohhh-whoooo whooo-oooo-aaa hhhh-oooo
And the second whale says,
11:33 PM Nothing for him, he's had one too many.
11:34 PM James: haha
great joke, James
11:35 PM me: Is this thing on?
I'm not sure of the perfectly worded punchline yet.
11:36 PM James: who? what?
me: "Nothing for him, he's fucking trashed."
11:38 PM James: I like it better without fucking trashed
the sober whale should be dignified
me: Okay, I appreciate the criticism.
Probably depends on the joke's audience.
11:39 PM James: true
me: The environment.
But enough about jokes.
Any good Bulgarious humor?
11:40 PM James: um... my director's wife's sister dyed her hair before going to the doctor and the dye broke the machine they put on her head
me: That's funny.

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Quill said...

To prevent confusion, shouldn't you change this conversation to being between "James & James" instead of "James & me?" How is anyone supposed to know who is talking?

Whenever James & James talk, one is drinking coffee and the other is drinking beer.