September 02, 2008

Live blogging the RNC, by myself :(

Fred Thompson just called us "the most generous country in the world". I'm pretty sure Switzerland, and Canada, and, um...pretty much every other industrialized nation has us beat on that one. at least if you're talking about the government's generosity to it's own people, or the generosity of the haves to the have nots within the country.

Every single speaker except for the Latino Democrat (Tommy Espinoza), and our sitting president and first lady got an intro video about their military service, complete with night-vision b-roll of Falluja.
How this helps us decide to support John McCain for president is completely beyond me.

Thompson is now BRAGGING about what a bad student McCain was at the Naval Academy, and about the fact that he once dated a stripper. WHAT???

We are now listening to an endless description of John McCain's injuries when he was a POW. I quote "lying in a pool of his own waste", "boarded up cell windows" "oppressive heat"...What in the name of G-d does this have to do with what he wants to do as president? I mean, I'm not going to vote for him because I feel sorry for him. It's still going:
"John was beaten....John was beaten...John was beaten..." This has literally gone on for 20 minutes. It's still Thompson.

Did I mention that there is nobody other than Tommy Espinoza (guest Dem.) who is not white at the RNC? The GOP is slacking on it's tokenism. they're usually pretty good about that. Condi and Colin P. are conspicuously absent. Shouldn't they have some scab Token Black People to step in when Condi and Colin have a headache?

I find it very interesting that they talk so much about the GOP "fighting pork-barrel spending", which so irrelevant and so far below the intelligence bar of what the GOP actually has been doing, which is using the tax dollars of the American people to fuel what may be the most shameless glut of war profiteering in History.

yup, I said War Profiteering. I'd like to hear what Fred Thompson would have to say to that. does he even know what it means? does he really think "pork-barrel spending" is the way in which our tax dollars are being recklessly misused by the government.

Thompson (yes, still him) is now advocating zero-taxes reagonomics. Ironically the RNC is in Minnesota where the bridge famously collapsed last year, leading to an investigation of our crumbling real infrastructure (roads, bridges), that we have done nothing to repairpartially for lack of tax revenue to do so, and partially because the tax revenue we do have is being siphoned off into no-bid contracts in Iraq (see war profiteering, above), and we still have an enormous deficit and China owns our debt, which we will have to pay back with interest----but let's not pay any taxes. yup. No tax revenue to address the aforementioned problems is obviously, totally okay. I feel great about it, actually.

oy. Thompson finally finished.
next post I'll live-blog Joe Lieberman's address to the Convention.


Brains said...

The Quantum Leap waiting room blue screen on stage is weird. I guess if you're into abstinence-only education, you need color clashes to lower your libido.

Brains said...

Joe "What Are You Gonna Do?" Lieberman

grainne proinseas said...

good point about color-clashes lowering libido and helping promote abstinence... McCain's stagecraft people's logic has eluded me....until now.

ß. Andrigon said...

Shit, I'm sorry I missed all this, we were at Mr Mary's parents' cabin in Sonoma County, drinking home-made wine in the hot-tub. I'm off to work today, but tomorrow, it's on. Is it on? I think Bulgaria's in.