September 02, 2008

live-blogging Lieberman at the RNC

Joe, are you still a Jew? Jeremy and I feel bad the our fellow tribesman is calling a convention of rednecks many of whom are probably anti-semites "my very dear friends" (Okay, I admit I'm basing this on anecdotal evidence and the Borat skit when he sings "throw the Jews down the well" in a Texas bar, and everyone starts singing boisterously along).
Lieberman is quoting George Washington on the dangers of partisan politics...of course the only substance in the entire convention comes from a Jewish Independant.

There's way more fat people at the RNC than at the DNC. (I'm not PC, so sue me)

And lots of empty rafters in what looks like a highschool gym.

every once in a while they show us a hot young blonde in the crowd to break up the visual monotony. at the RNC hot young blonde chicks = diversity?

Quick shot of Ron Paul. Not clapping. Earlier they let him give a Ron Paul crazytalk speech about how he hopes somebody invades us so we unify in a back room, which was aired on CSpan 3.

Lieberman mentions McCain's supposed initiative on global warming. Sarah Palin doesn't believe that Global warming is a problem, and she doesn't believe that human activities influence the rising temperature of the Earth.

Lieberman talks about Bill Clinton's accomplishments, essentially forcing the RNC to clap for their nemesis. Good move, Joe, good move.

Lieberman is endorsing Palin. Does he really believe what he is saying? he's calling the ticket "2 mavericks that can't be held in by any pen". I'm sure he realizes that McCain wanted to pick him, because he's actually an accomplished legislator, and that McCain's choice of Palin was pure reckless stupid politics with a capital P, that may yet blow up in his face.

Now he's complimenting Lindsay Graham. yikes.

Is this unique- this thing of members of opposing political parties speaking at each other's conventions?- does this happen in other countries? I'm wondering if i should be proud of the fact that Joe Lieberman is speaking to the RNC without being boo'd. The Convention is being basically enthusiastic and polite.

Lieberman: "McCain=restless reformer"...that's funny because he spends every weekend napping instead of campaigning. doesn't sound very "restless" to me.

enough for now. If anything ridiculous happens, I'll blog it here.

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