September 25, 2008

List: Songs We Sang

I am in Portland, at their lovely huge old library with tall pink walls. Last night, I met my friend Mrs Smith & hiked for most of the afternoon in the country where those tall waterfalls go into the Columbia River. It's nice round there. It threatened rain, but we decided to put up our tent & be optimistic. No veggie dogs were roasted on no campfire. We hid in our tent with a box of wine for the entire night while impossible amounts of water fell from the sky. At one point, we made a dash to get the capo & the ukulele. If the omnipotent gods of music are curious & read blogs, here are some of the songs we sang:

-Longer boats are coming to win us (Cat Stevens)
-Where do the children play? (Cat Stevens)
-Indiana (David Yazbek)
-EL CERRITO (coming soon to!!)
-some of our old Shakespeare numbers
-A la clare fontaine
-Dancing with the Mountains (John Denver)
-Others I forget about

Tonight, there will be some Portland Sacred Harp, followed by fire twirling at Reed College. Outward! Stop, drop & roll!

Sam Amidon's blog Speak, Peppery points us to these existential Garfield Without Garfield comics:


Brains said...

I wub camping in the rain.

ß. Andrigon said...

I wonder if we'll all be back somewhere to LiveBlog the VP debates on Oct. 2nd. Tonight, I'm in Portland, I'm going to wander over to this place called the Bipartisan Cafe, but I won't be able to get on the internet don't think. Welcome to Seattle, Brains!

Brains said...

I can, Oct. 2. I hug S. Sandrigon.

grainne proinseas said...

yes. Oct 2 is a necessary live-blog. I'm in.