September 06, 2008

Apologies: First Weekend in September & Baseball Metaphors

And speaking of processed beverages & community gatherings in the American South (to which many local California singers travel for the many August & September singings), the Santa Cruz Organic (produced in Chico, California) makes the best sweet tea I've ever tasted, & it's saving me from surely wilting on this hot day in Berkeley. I had heard that it was against the law to sell tea in a restaurant in certain counties in the south without also selling Sweet Tea, but looking at Sweet Tea's wikipedia entry, apparently that was just an April Fool's joke. Well, who's laughing now, Georgia House of Representatives? God, I can't handle some of these hot days, tho - I become very inertial.

Which brings us to what's missing. I apologize that politics & live-blogging have immoderately usurped, but we're taking steps to remedy this. We plan o
n live-blogging one or two of the debates, & of course not completely ignoring the next two months of this "close" election--; but noticeably missing are the gaps in the narrative from Bulgaria, Morroco & Indonesia, the latest new tunes from my microphone, the completion of several unfinishable epic nonsense poems, every & any words from our traveling ice-climbing correspondent, & reports on this website's progress & ongoing projects. This post should do something about that last category, & I'll report about this post's report in coming days. In the meantime, a few quotes from the convention:

"George W. Bush came into office on third base, & then he stoled second."

-Gov. Ted Strickland (D-Ohio), 26 August 2008,
Democratic National Convention

I’m sure you remember a girl from Kansas who said there’s no place like home. Well, in John McCain’s version, there’s no place like home & a home & home & home."

-Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D-Kansas) 26 August 2008,
Democratic National Convention

And please note the following links:
-Brains' blog about World Soccer & German Literature.
-Pele's travel narration.
-The link to today's Doonesbury strip, in case any of you haven't been following America's national epic.
-Mortified: These are excellent staged readings of people's teenage writings, including teenage poetry, diary entries, plays, movies, & the one I went to in San Francisco was intensely funny.
-Elisa Lopez's arctic travels & beyond.
-Post Secret: anonymous post cards of people's secrets.
-Looks like Sam Amidon will be featured on a compilation cd of hip covers of Sacred Harp songs, you can hear it at this myspace.
-Unfortunately, the excerpt from John Adam's upcoming memoir in the Aug. 25th New Yorker isn't online, but this interview with him is here. I like his genial & nostalgic mockery of the Cage-esque pieces he wrote in his 20's.
-Miss Daisy Press sent me a link to someone who proposed that Michael Palin was as qualified as Sarah Palin to be a "heart-beat" away from the comfy chair & soft cushions:

Good Night, Ringo


ß. Andrigon said...

Photo Credit: Ribbon's "camera tosses" here:

Theresa said...

wait, wait, wait. Surely you didn't just mention the American South and a bottled iced tea in the same sentence.
It's not real tea (note: to be pronounced "taaae") unless it has been brewed with the blood of Confederate soldiers.

ß. Andrigon said...

Okay, I guess I should have been clear - I meant this "organic" approximation was saving me on a hot Californian day.
They definitely have bottled processed versions over there, & the ones I've been served are like flavored with splenda & other gross things. But I'm sure the best stuff is the homemade from scratch.

grainne proinseas said...

wow! what beautiful music. who is this songstress? I am an idiot and can't figure it out from what is already written here.