August 25, 2008

Ukuleles All Across This Series of Tubes

Naturally, I'm not the only one to have covered Beatles Songs on the Ukulele on YouTube, & some of these people are spectacularly more virtuosic musicians than I could want never to aspire to be.

This man (
Jake Shimabukuro), for instance, a wet-dream for sixteen-year-old ukulele groupies, I've been told, can fill stadiums with his ukulelism:

There are countless others to include here - searching for "beatles ukulele" gets 610 hits - my post not even making the first tier. I was impressed by my 25-hundred views until I saw Shimabukuro's 1.9 Million.
I like this man's "Dear Prudence", very deadpan & soulful, altho I doubt I would come out & play with him:

Note the mispelling [sic] of "ukelele".
And getting a motherloving load of these wankers!

On this island, as you will have begun to notice, no one ever speaks plainly. Whether it's Cockney rhyming codes or the crosswords in the newspapers--all English, spoken or written, is looked down on as no more than a string of text cleverly encrypted. Nothing beyond.

-Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day (2006), pg. 224

What else are American Artists up to? Spencer Tunick has been getting hundreds of people to stand naked in precise formation. This was at the opera house in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne:

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