August 10, 2008

Thoughts on Fashion, Questions for Grace

I would like to hear Grace's thoughts on Bulgarian fashion, comparing that of young women with that of babas. I can't really see any linking factors and perhaps it all comes down to a matter of taste.


grainne proinseas said...

well, Quill, I'm glad you brought this fascinating question up. globalization is obviously going horribly awry. Young bulgarian girls are being cheated out of their aesthetic heritage. the babas have fabulous fashion sense, and wisely seem determined to reject synthetic fabrics. they boldly declare their own assessment of the weather in their choice of fabric weights and head coverings. they also reject the tyranny of "matching" and "coherent" fashion statements, setting prints and colors against one another in ways that the low fashion world and the street vendors would not see as marketable. Tho the babas may not think of it in these terms,in the high fashion world, coherence is for dullards and those too young or too easily influenced to know better. All hail the Babas!

ß. Andrigon said...

Are bright yellow & black a common young-person combination?

Now we can't expect a 21st century young person to revel in the traditional outfits, but in most cases the older generation is really onto something more fun. It's like your confrontations over music in Siberia, where the local you music you liked was met with disdain from the local youth, who were like, my father likes that.. whilst they listened to Scorpion.

Brains said...

Do the men wear suits, t-shirts, etc? Women always seem to be the repositories of autochthonous gear.

Quill said...

The bumblebee look is ubiquitous. From Sofia to Popovo to Varna.

Thanks for remembering my random forgotten anecdotes, James. Even got the ridiculous washed-up band right.

As for the men, tight white t-shirts are common along with copious amounts of 'bling.' However, the bumblebee can still be applied, provided there's a black purse involved.