August 05, 2008

Red Devils Supporter

S. Sandrigon was recently spotted wearing FC Liverpool colo(u)rs and humming the fan song You'll Never Walk Alone. I even heard him say, "I couldn't find a Torres jersey." Wow. So much for not being into sports!

It's a good thing he didn't bump into any rival Everton hooligans while wearing this jersey during his recent visit Merseyside.


ß. Andrigon said...

How handsome - - - I should mention that I didn't say I couldn't not find a Torres jersey, but that they were £45 ($90) - - & the knock-off ones on the street, they only had XXL ones left.

pele said...

Those hooligans were just chicken to mess with a guy wearing a pinky ring and tortoise-shell glasses. Lookit that eye, scraping the bottom of the abyss!