August 28, 2008

Live from Obama Nation Post 1a - Introductory Results

Hello Good Evening! Here we are, the first Group Live-Blog Live from Denver via Brooklyn, Bulgaria, Berkeley & Ban Brancisco. We would have started a little earlier but there was whiskey to buy, filthy stinky flea-ridden dogs to wash, & saxophones to polish - if you know what I mean!? The extended external blogosphere is encouraged to join in the "conversation," but please remember that this website is frequented by many very small children, & one particular disgruntled & easily-offended one-eyed midget with no name, so please please, no vulgarities or other right-wing talking-points.

I like this "Red Indian" burgundy color for my contributions.

6:46pm Mountain Time. Look! It's our Nobel Laureate!

Olaf: I want to see some innovative American tie colors. Why always blue? (first sip of Biden n' Ginger) We are relying too heavily on foreign pigments. We need to use American mollusks to color our ties, not Isle of Mogador mollusks; it is time for a change.
grainne: It's the same tie. they've been swapping it.

7:00pm Apparently, there was quite a lot of Republican mocking of the "Temple of Obama,"; in response, some people have posted galleries of pictures of McCain in front of columns:

(I recommend typing up your comments in a different file, then pasting & uploading them into the post - so we don't all post over each other.)

Olaf: What? Also, I want to hear Brian Schweitzer again. He is a rancher. I am an attack dog, and so are my crepes. This guy isn't Randy Newman. He is not a rancher nor an attack dog, and I am not sure his keyboard is an American.

Grainne: I want to know what Sir James thinks of Michael McDonald.
James I won't write over you anymore! post in here! don't bitch out! (by the way, I think it was Liam, anyway).

7 7:14 MST - I'm gathering impressions after Gore's speech. It's hard to believe he was Lieberman's running mate. In the audience (via SMS) Kristin T. remarks, "You mean 'he who shall not be named'?"

I'm off to get some rancid low-grade mass-produced blended Bourbon from my hometown. Back in 15.

Holy caca that is green.

Grainne: Gore handed the tie off to The guy whose first words were in Swahili.
Olaf: I judge when to use force when I relax on the basketball court with my troops (metaphor for my crepes, and my shit).

Grainne: He really is here for the cops and the firefighters, the teachers and the assembly line workers.

Funny how a couple nights ago was all about the Kennedys. and then the Teamsters guy tonight. anybody else thinking about the war between the Kennedys and Jimmy Hoffa?

New post above & another coming soon. Hallelujah!

On that same
note, just to be annoying, Eisenhower wasn't really a fan of The civil rights movement. his daughter speaking on the anniversary of "I have a dream" is interesting.

My room-mate heard the shouting of "si se puede", and came in to ask- "is that still the pet-shop owner?"


ß. Andrigon said...

"Blog-administrators", you should be able to see a pencil at the bottom of the posts, so you can add onto the main posts.

ß. Andrigon said...

You should be able to change the color of your writing by high-lighting the text & clicking on the color button.

ß. Andrigon said...

Reggie Aqui - good name for a pundit.

We can comment in the comments too, something I wrote got deleted because Grace over-wrote it.

Could the queue really have been six-miles long!? Did anyone die? How much space does each person take up in a long line? Someone do the math. Where's Soufworf!!!

ß. Andrigon said...

Michael McDonald Singer Songwriter.
Does that make him like Jordan Epcar's Brother?

Anonymous said...

I want more Brian Schweitzer too.

ß. Andrigon said...

Who are you Mr Green & how & why are you so green?

ß. Andrigon said...

New post above. Hello Joe Biden, think his mother knew there was a drink named that when she christened him?