August 28, 2008

Live-Bloggin' from Denver via Elsewhere: Post Letter "D" - Frost on the Windshield

Robert Frost once wrote:

Melt the glass and leave the sticks
Like a hermit's crucifix;
Burst into my narrow stall;

Swing the picture on the wall;

Run the rattling pages o'er;

Scatter poems on the floor;
Turn the poet out the door.

Which brings us back to Obama's big convention speech, which is happening HERE LIVE NOW, commented upon by our crack team of bloggers. I recommend refreshing the page very very often.

8:39pm Mountain Time. Oh, so now he cares about health care too?

8:43 MST - In linguistics there is something called the schwa, it's the sound made when your tongue is at its most restful area of the mouth, directly between all three extreme vowel sounds (front, rear, and top of mouth). He does that with any word ending in -y. Like "country," "community," and "bureaucracy."

I think he's best when he calms his voice. Ooh! JFK reference (8:42)! So many valid tie-ins: Lincoln, MLK, JFK; must heart Obama.

Michelle's dress is definitely floral, Jenny Ruth insists, but it seems from some alien landscape.

8:56pm This speech is sounding beautiful to me. Has anyone mentioned in the past five minutes that this Joe-Biden whisky is fucking de
licious? I eat up that "this is not about me" rhetoric!

pm Again, I would have loved to have heard something more stentorian than an electric guitar play right after he finished.

9:05pm Okay, I take it back, there's some seriously dramatic movie music going on right now.

Grainne: music choices are weird, but to me, satisfying. a country song about new york city. how political!

Liam: "Now I just want the first gay president. I'm so over this. I'm sick of first ladies.
Grace: what if the president's a l
Liam: Y
eah, okay, well, that's different.

Grainne(dissapointed): hey wasn't the Jewish benediction supposed to be tonight?
Liam: that's bullshit. bullshit. all this christian bullshit.

Grainne: Nancy pelosi is cute as hell. and her shiny clothes get me excited.

Brains: It's that point where the cable news panel or radio punditry jump in with 3rd-grade reading level opining, but online from the feed they just followed O along the stage,
and the music orchestral feed was perfectly loud. Instant cinematics? Never thought they were possible. Pretty cool.

Pelosi, my local rep, is such a cheeseball. Fizzle. Out.

(On a five minute delay or somethi

9:13pm Sorry Liam, first gay president was James Buchanan, also one of the worst in history (presided over the break-up of the union). Pelosi - San Francisco in the house, what what!

Well, I guess that's it for now. CNN is already playing it in re-run. Stay tuned if you desire as we explore the MSM & blogosphere's reactions. Otherwises, thanks for visiting & to all a good night!

who is this Republican biotch? why are they letting her talk so much?

CNN's "Republican Strategist" - we needs to get ourselves one of those!

Liam: :
"I hope he punches her in the nose with his gay fist"

Grainne: so we have someone to yell at?

Grainne: has everyone seen these ugly-ass meth heads who wanted to kill president O?
fuckin ugly, right?

Liam: "who invented this attack dog thing?"
Powers: I think it's a football term
Liam: I think it's a term about animals.

McCain's response actually said "when the temple comes down", et cetera. The only thing those guys know how to say these days is "not ready," "not ready." Wasn't both Lincoln & Clinton & several other fairly good presidents basically as qualified as BHO?

Grainne: I just want to point out that Liam and I got the most pleasure of the night out of fucking up James' layout of this blog post by putting the meth heads up there with Frost and the fat chick. but we knew you'd fix it, you bastard.

I'm not that anal, but what about my beautiful woman! Let me do it for her!
I agree, actually, it looked great up there, but it messed up the poetry format. We're trying to be semi-professional here.
Careful, I have the power to revoke your administrative capacity.
Take another finger of Joe Biden for that.

9:41pm You realize I've been naked this whole time, blogging is one hell of a way to make a living. In Berkeley, with flowers in my hair.

Grainne: I propose that if our ticket wins in November, this delicious whiskey be known henceforward by the name of the forty-fourth vice president of the United States. If we lose, alas, may it remain as it is.

I think we can do little to stop the renaming of Jim Beam as Gobiden or what have you, the 47th VP, under any & every circumstance.

9:51pm Someone just said "I think we just watched Barack Obama become a great president tonight." What does that mean?

10:06pm Okay, goodnight, I'm off to watch some daily shows. I hope you all sleep as deep as Colorado Locusts - (meaning, for at least a hundred years, if not forever.) Ciao.


ß. Andrigon said...

Maybe he knows he doesn't have to talk about MLK because he knows the pundits will do it for him. -

Brains said...

Anyone else like the way he says Taliban? "Tollybonn."

The wide shots of the stadium are inspiring. The close camera (at least online at DNCCTV) looks funny, as if someone could shadow dance behind him.

Brains said...

8:49 - it's getting good! Appeals to reason, suggestions of compromise. As if Bush ever did eithe!

ß. Andrigon said...

It does seem like a Japanese screen.

Anonymous said...

shouldnt his flag pin be bigger?

timjim said...

you guys crack me up

ß. Andrigon said...


Brains said...

Right now some somber anticipatory orchestral music (hopeful?) online DNCCTV with no pundit commentary in the way.

ß. Andrigon said...

Jesus guy on stage now.

grainne proinseas said...

well, A for multicultural effort. or something.

Brains said...

My nominee for best comment of the night goes to Mr Sandrigon, "All this speachifying is hardly leaving me enough time to drink."