August 28, 2008

Live-Blog Obama Acceptance Speech, Preface i

(6:20 MST) Your Sports & Leisure Correspondent is no lazy, sweaty, oversized t-shirt wearing huffer and puffer walking slowly to get into Mile High. I've arrived early to see Shawn Johnson give the pledge of allegiance. She gets a 9.9. Difficulty level 5.8. Good posture.

I claim the color green. (How do I color this green?)


Nipples McGee said...

We want S. Sandrigon. Where's Grainne and Olaf? This sucks. I'm going to the Huffington Post.

ß. Andrigon said...

Speaking of dog's nipples, I just spent forty-five minutes giving a small black smelly dog a FLEA-BATH, impatience galore.

Is your Joe Biden Whiskey ready!? I've got a bottle in front of me (as opposed to a frontal lobotomy) the size of my head. A long story about the difficult acquisition of this bottle coming up,
TONIGHT's LIVE-Blog. Starting soon.

ß. Andrigon said...

Stevie Wonder! Not a bad opening act, beats Dennis Kucinich.