August 06, 2008

letter from Parris Island

My cousin Brandon is at boot camp for the US Marine Corps on Parris Island (the same place, incidentally, that our grandfather who was a marine in WWI did his boot camp). He's a really great 18 year old kid, just graduated from highschool in Pittsburgh and signed up, following in a family tradition that now also includes his brother Luke, who is currently serving in Iraq.
My mom (his aunt) got this letter from him which I think is fucking hilarious. The image attached is merely so everyone can enjoy the stationary that marines are provided with at Parris Island. The letter reads (in part) as follows:

"Dear Ada
Boot camp is alright we are almost done with phase 1 we have 2 days left then it's supposed to fly by. Boot camp has gone fast up until now but we have all kinds of tests so I guess that's why it slowed down a bit. My DI's are pretty cool but can be dicks sometimes. I got real sick in the beginning but I've almost completely recovered. The workouts are easy except that I have bronchitis. nothing important is going on except that I have to take the knowledge test tomorrow and the repel tower then initial drill on tuesday. I can't wait til wedenesday then i'll be in phase 2. I'm a little nervous about repel tower cause it's 50 ft tall. We don't have to do the gas chamber cause there was a breakout of some virus that put 1st battalion almost in quarantine, but I'd rather do that than repel tower."

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