August 02, 2008

LAGUNA BEACH - finally the mp3 demo is listenable, on a podcast

I used to embed mp3s using DivShare, but it doesn't seem to let me do that no more.
Now! Finally, if you wanted to hear the demo of that Western Harmony tune LAGUNA BEACH - I think I was able to post it as an embeddable podcast, just click play below.

The lyrics are posted here, I have the shape-note score, it will be posted anon. Perhaps I'll experiment more with this podcast technology later, & check back for other shape-note demos which I hitherto have been blocked from posting.
¡cuidado! This is a trial recording of myself singing a four-part shape-note tune, accompanied by a 90s synthesizer, set to a prophetic William Blake text, not for the faint of heart.

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