August 14, 2008

Fall Fashion 2008: worst of

For christ's sweet sake Christian Lacroix, you are killing me. I wanted so very much to love your collection. The first few ensembles I said to myself, "finally, someone is leaving the safe zone!" . I thought you were to be the standard bearer this season for the wildness that Galliano touted so well last fall (a perfect 9.5 out of ten which he incidentally abandoned this time around in favor of tulle skirts and leather helmet/flapper hats). Then I noticed something, Lacroix. You went a bit overboard , you knew you'd gone a bit overboard, and you used a cheap fix, which in fact didn't fix- it ruined everything. You brought "coherence" to what might have been a beautifully multi-textured, tangled collection by making all your models wear black stockings and shoes, and these irritating black sequined and netted with a feather head-pieces. It's like you're me in seventh grade. Next time, don't second-guess yourself. Your collection is the worst because it had so much potential, and you blew it.

1 comment:

Brains said...

"it's like you're me in the seventh grade" so funny.

the third model looks just like the empress in Neverending Story.