August 03, 2008

ECHO - Snake Handler Version

In lieu of another four-part synthesized demonstration, I've worked up a guitar version of this shape-note tune Echo, from my series WESTERN HARMONY. The score above can be downloaded (click on the bottom to see it larger & print as a jpg, or download a pdf here.) The lyrics were in the original post here. The downloadable "podcast" is below. Again, warning, these are just demos, so that the world can hear the melody of these tunes! The production quality of me singing into my computer microphone is not meant for the radio, the guitar part hasn't been properly practiced, & I believe I had just smoked three cigars before singing. Yes, the Snake Handlers, ever a source of inspiration to the downtrodden; to put incomplete songs out for the universe to hear.

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pele said...

As a dog that returneth to his vomit, so am I a fool for Snake Handler Version.

ß. Andrigon said...

That's the finest metaphor compliment I believe I've ever received. It's good my music is as addictive as ralph.