August 20, 2008

Art & Architecture: Fabricide

Mr Danny Holt, at whose apartment in the valley I'm currently loitering, was just practicing some of Christopher O'Riley's piano arrangements of Radiohead this morning (not to be confused with the band Radiohead, the college rock band / John Lennon Cover Band I formed with Sam Amidon in 2004) - his version of "Let Down" from OK Computer is just beautiful, reminiscent of the Ligeti Etudes, & of course Mr Holt performs them with more taste & affection than Chris O'Riley. I played Danny the reggae version of the same song performed by Easy All-Stars, which is also beautiful. While we're mentioning it, if any of you haven't heard Brad Mehldau's jazz covers of Radiohead songs, like for instance his epic version of "Paranoid Android" from the album Largo, that's some pretty intense stuff.

Has this British artist, Yinka Shonibare, made it over to America at all? He uses African fabrics on bourgeoisie European set-ups, sometimes recreating famous paintings et cetera. There's like a re-examining Africa's roll in the empires-aspect to it, but also it's playful & super-colorful. He was commissioned to make a big ship-in-a-bottle for Trafalger Square - He didn't reveal how he got it in there. Some examples:

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