August 28, 2008

Alive-Blogging Live from Obama Nation USA! Post 2: A brief explanation of the beverage Gobias Gobama

For readers of George Eliot's novels & heavy healthy dyspeptics, this joke should require no preamble, but I'll brief in the rest of Obama Nation:
In Arrested Development, a canceled tv sitcom on Fox, there is a character named G.O.B. (played by Will Arnett), pronounced "Jobe" but frequently misponounced "gob". With the character Tobias (David Cross), he proposed to open a "carbo-loading" coffee shop called "Gobias" - "as in, 'Go Buy Us some Coffee'" - obviously, it is mispronounced "Joe-buy-us." Et cetera. Mirth & canned laughter ensues.
When Presidential Candidate & Illinois' junior senator, Barack Obama, announced his running mate would be Sen. Joe Biden, portmanteau enthusiasts across the internets immediately started calling the team "Joe-bama" & "Obiden."
Tonight, we are spread far across this majestic country, united by one common pursuit - live-blogging the Obamamania & drinking Jim Beam, which for the sake of it all, we've rechristened "Joe-Biden-on-the-Colorado-Rocks."

Which brings us to the following obvious joke:

Gobias Gobama
which of course can be mispronounced many ways.
And now we return to our scheduled Live Blogging.

7:56pm Mountain Time Does anyone still actually like Rock & Roll Music? I'm nostalgic for when politicians played Copland's music, dramatic open-plains orchestral stuff. Ah, Aaron Copland, gay leftist Aaron Copland. I'd vote for anything set to Billy the Kid.

Barack: "That little American flag was the only toy I had. It was everything to me. It was my Fork. I ate with it."

Barack: "I see myself in lots and lots of white people wearing hardhats"

That's Obama, I'm sure of it, I'd recognize him anywhere.

Michelle never ceases to amaze me. Is her dress red tiger-stripe or am I hallucinating?
It's kind of cool how they match Malia and Sasha's dresses to their mom's. I dig stagecraft.

8:21pm Why on earth did the Rupubs agree to have their conference immediately after this, & how!? They're all going to look so cute & tiny next week.

Grainne: when are we going to talk about eating white babies?

5:25am in Bulgaria - Time for a working man's first big sip of Gob Biden Bourbon.

8:27 MST - He really needs to top his 2004 convention speech. I'm anticipating goosebumps soon, especially towards the end, but so far, Platitudes count: 3. OVerly repeated stump elements: 5. Let's go Barry, pick it up!

What does Barack Obama have against John McCain? He keeps mentioning him like a man obsessed. Get over him.

Grainne: is he deliberately not bringing up the "I have a dream" anniversary? Not wanting to emphasize his blackness in such a big bright spotlight? hm. wonder where that will go.

8:33pm Jenny Ruth says: "Same old shit". But bigger, I would add.
I think he's saving MLK for a big moment.

Grainne: it sure is refreshing when the American Flag is not in the frame at all, and O has that giant Japanese-lantern lookin' background instead.

American Flags are so last century. NEW POST ABOVE! CLEAN CUP! MOVE DOWN!


ß. Andrigon said...

Did you hear that!? Obama's grandparents were warmongers! War enablers!

ß. Andrigon said...

Isn't this the nineteenth time they told the Obama romance story? Why is it all about Michelle's love for him? What about our stories? What about the moment I fell in love with him?

Brains said...

Wow, the bio video has an awesome sounding narrator. Sounds familiar, too. Nice Gobias explainer, Sandrigon. I'm waiting for Obama's third Pedro Almodovaresque-titled autobio, "All about My Mother," he clearly gets his ears from his mother's side. You could see that from John Kerry's speech.

Anonymous said...

everyone knows people with hard hats are too busy hanging around construction sites to vote.

grainne proinseas said...

swig of Joe Biden everybody. slainte, buddy.

ß. Andrigon said...

All this speachifying is hardly leaving me enough time to drink.

grainne proinseas said...

you have to admit though, it's pretty hard to follow the lineups of the last couple days. which might be a good counter to the "he thinks he's the messiah" attack. what if Kerry's speech and Gore's speech turn out to be better than O's? then do we start playing more team ball? do we assume that everybody's done being useless pussies?

ß. Andrigon said...

You're putting a lot of pressure on him, Brains.