July 07, 2008

Report from the Liffey

Report from the Liffey

Thank heaven for heathens, morning of durable pain,
I say, I say there's way way too many tourists,
And too few ways to avoid midnight arrests.
Out from the showers into a public house again.

I fear the government is in cahoots with the Inuits:
You wouldn't think these garlick Gaelicks could make a veggie burger of any quality.
Curse the filthy queue to get into the old library,
I only needed to get onto the internet for fifteen minutes.

I've taken care of the family business;
O International City! you smell like a bulging penguin,
Before they banned slavery in Belgium,
Twelve in two hours, I can drink this obscure beer.

We'll name each of our daughters Kirsten,
Freedom fries & a choice to digest the embarrassing enterprise;
The direction of the creek toward the sea was not the last surprise.
Well, I couldn't even finish my first one.

Harpo, you'll find your harp inside the piano.
The rain subsides, but this stool has been glued.
The stars will come out when the Chinese have been subdued.
Poor Tom knows when to invade the radio.

I will be a role-model to the wheel'd basketball,
I will finish the hanging gardens with PVC,
I will let you be who we all want you to be,
And I might as well drink the rest of this first one after all.

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