July 08, 2008

Report from the Dargle

Report from the Dargle

A palinode & walking off the whiskey,

His hipster hairdo without too much spillage,

Would it be fiscally risky to mortgage the village?

I threw a wish into the Irish Sea.

It's like water without the cruel aftertaste:
The corps of coral can trace its ancestry
Down the coast past the sexiest incestry,

Prima donna & the roots of man will not be replaced.

It's a revelation, but you knew it all along,
Don't be alarmed by the blues in my blood.

I never liked Bishop Berkeley's ugly old neighborhood,

And the carillon & my carillon only really used for the ding-dong.

It's like water but without the chemicals in your soap.

Help me to find meaning in sitting & standing,

And I'll join you on your first crash-landing:

Hope Jacob's Ladder is made of strong stuff than hope.

Scribble you courage on a sticky-pad.

My legs are weary from a life of wayfaring,

I can assuage your pangs without passion or caring,
Remember when things could never have been this bad.

It's like water without bees & stop signs & lost children.

An old man approached me from the channel,

His intentions are as translucent as flannel.
And of course, mix my smelly armpits into this salvation's cauldron.

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