July 24, 2008

Obama auf Deutschland - Live-Blogging from Die Zeit tranlsated by robots

Too true, you very well might need to know, what are robot translators saying about Barack Obama's day in Germany? Follow these links to hear directly:

In no particular order: (& notice, some have several chapters.) I recommend slowing the speed from "0" to "-"...

19:38 Uhr:
16:20 Uhr:
13:19 & 13:30 Uhr:
20:00 & 20:05 Uhr:
17:40 Uhr:
18:55 Uhr:
19:45 Uhr:


ß&dragon said...

This should be mentioned somewhere - The New York Post headline for Obama's speach was:

fionaw said...
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ß&dragon said...

Thank you, mysterious "Fiona W" whoever you are. Your comments self-destruct in five seconds.
A hi-light: "..but this stikes me as the funniest thing I have ever seen. I love the way it ends with 'Nice'. "
That's my favorite part too!

Brains said...

Oooh I missed some drama!