June 16, 2008

Video: One-Year-Old Mimosas Witness

Good Morning, friends. And a happy Bloomsday! I've been getting up at four for the last two days as a preemptive strike against jet-lag. What others do at 5 AM is a mystery to me, besides taking long walks thru the Los Altos Hills, reading Lonesome Dove, & watching baby videos.

As you reader no doubt do not need telling, the fastest growing religion in my apartment is The Mimosas Witnesses, & I have been privileged to preside over the diaspora as the tithing figurehead, the Archpope of Transubstantiation. We are occasionally an evangelical faith, so I will be wearing my Hotel Universe-printed t-shirt in county Derbyshire & onward these next few weeks, as I spend my George Bush American-economy-stimulus-cheques on British ales.

And for Mimosas! Where did this penchant for champagne originate in my blood? My father has unearthed this rare footage from 1983 of the future Archpope being brainwashed by his elders! I would generally dictate that religion should not be forced upon youth until they are old enough to choose salvation for themselves, & have tasted such transgressions as sobriety. Watch it here:

UPDATE: I'm in Liverpool, & that video didn't load, so just take my word that it was amazing, & I'll fix it later.TTFN!

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