June 26, 2008

See You When The Sun Goes Down


I got a letter this morning, Lord, Hallelujah!
I broke the seal & I read the word, Hallelujah!
And from the pages, your choir I heard,
See you when the sun goes down!

My wife is gone & my sons away, Hallelujah!
I think of them every single day, Hallelujah!
If only night was an hour away,
See you when the sun goes down!

I am a traveler on this train, Hallelujah!
And every bump jostles me with pain, Hallelujah!
But tho I'm orn'ry, I don't complain,
See you when the sun goes down!

My parents dear may be safe at home, Hallelujah!
While down on this lonely globe I roam, Hallelujah!
I count the hours till we sing shalom,
See you when the sun goes down!

The road's congested, but I'm alone, Hallelujah!
My neighbor's neighbors are all unknown, Hallelujah!
Will I belong when I near your throne?
See you when the sun goes down!

Where is the true friend of Israel? Hallelujah!
In throes of anguish, I'll wait awhile, Hallelujah!
I'm patient, Lord, but I'm bored, and I'll
See you when the sun goes down!

Thank you all for your massive support. I'll be posting these variously at irregular intervals. Today, I travel from the coally Tyne south to West Yorkshire. My sexy orange backpack seems to be getting lighter, but my boots are beginning to ache my feet. Word to the wise, The Coast from Whitley Bay towards Tynemouth is extremely beautiful & there are pubs within running distance whenever it starts to rain. Ciao!

You can click on that image to see it larger & print it paper-sized.

UPDATE 10/20/08:
New Mic, New Recording, leave the harmonies only up to your imagination NO MORE:


Brains said...

Perform it!

ß&dragon said...

I'm in bloody Manchester, a land before microphone technology, so you'll have to hum it to yourself.

Brains said...

You stink!

And please greet Football Camelot for me. And stick your tongue out at the university, I was accepted into grad school there but with NO FIN AID. Pssht.