June 22, 2008

Don't Order Omelets

It Was Lost’s latest concept in the world of leisure is the Milk Bar, or Bar Mleczny. They’re like delis slash diners slash soup kitchens. There are narrow ones, multistory ones, ones with tiny old people, and ones with seven-feet tall blondes, erm, 210-cm tall blondes; but don’t ask me to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius. This is a photo of my favorite one in Poznan, Greater Poland:

Prices in Poland are about the same as in California, but a Bar Mleczny remains a bargain. If you speak Polish they aren’t as much fun. Reading the menus is like scanning for lost treasure; you might find gold, other times dross. And just because you can tell that “Omlet Szpinak” is a spinach omelet doesn't mean you should order it.

Mr. Quill, FYI, I used two similes and two metaphors in this post. Whereas your video of the Bulgarian Idol was an allegory for awesomeness.


Quill said...

Poland? So that's stupidly close to Bulgaria. I'm nearing the point of taking offense. Did I mention allegory? I suppose that would take the side of the metaphor if it came down to it.

ß&dragon said...

We'll visit in a year when you can take more time away........

Milk bars, like in a Clockwork Orange?

Anonymous said...