May 24, 2008

Travis John - Printable Shape-Note Score & Demo Recording

I finally have a pass-aroundable score for Travis John, a shape-note arrangement of a folk song about a fallen Iraqi Soldier, written in 2003 by Kate Power. My original post was here. Click on the bottom of the picture to see it large & print it. Or download a pdf here.

Tracy Grammer sings this song & passes out a copy of the music, to spread as a quiet memorial-style folksong protest. Hence, the shape-note arrangement, more so than any other music, capable of reaching across idealogical divides. A history of the song can be read here. A history of Shape-Note Music can be read at this wikipedia entry. A recording of myself singing all five parts accompanied by a 1990s synthesizer can be heard & downloaded right here:


Ivy said...

The song sounds like chant except it has a Sibelius play back quality to it. That's not an insult by my aesthetics.

ß&dragon said...

Thanks for listening! I'm not sure what "Sibelius playback" means, but I would never consider it an insult.