May 24, 2008

Television Music Videos: Three for May 24th.

Before we start the show, here in the middle of this clip from the scattered biopic, I'm Not There, is my favorite part - Cate Blanchett & David Cross (i.e. Dr Tobias Füenke) as Bob Dylan & Allen Ginsberg, dancing around a crucifix. Today is Mr Dylan's 67th birthday.

Here are three examples of ways to present a song on television, from three different eras. The first is France's entry in this year's Eurovision Competition, Sébastien Tellier's "Divine". It surely evokes Wes Anderson's influence on the continent.

The second is Leonard Cohen singing the original version of "Hallelujah" on what appears to be live European television. I love this style of standing on a set with leaves blowing on the flower & a young-people-of-the-world chorus on the aqueduct.
(While I'm here, I'd like to register my displeasure that in Rufus Wainwright's famous version, he pronounces the line-endings "do you" & "knew you", as opposed to "do ya", which was written to rhyme with "hallelujah". What was he thinking? I also post Cohen's version partially because I don't think much of the Shrek-watching world - a large demographic of my blog readers - are aware of how strange the original was.)

The third is the Beatles' "All You Need is Love", which was the first-ever international satellite hook-up, & altho I couldn't find the exact numbers, I believe is still one of the largest television audiences. What gets my goat is their chewing of bubble gum, which somewhat undermines the gravity of their message. Discuss.


Quill said...

I love Cohen's glance back to silence the other singers during the final chorus. Brilliant. Also, what you say about Wainwright's version really fits well with general butchering of the song. It's all of a piece.

ß&dragon said...

I know, he acts like a benevolent god on a television set.