May 22, 2008

Dismissibly Nifty

You’ve probably seen this before. The haka according to the All Blacks, New Zealand’s national rugby team. They do it before each match. So do teams from other Polynesian countries, like Tonga and Samoa.

What comes to mind:
1) tribal display for the paying public
2) jingoistic glorification
3) dismissible misogyny

To consider:
1) The haka is a performance art.
2) Before the European musket, wars between horticultural societies usually ended when either side had their first casualty.
3) True. Though I just read on the ol’ Pedia of Wiki that Maori women also perform hakas.


ß&dragon said...

Is there any watch-able Rugby in the bay area?

Brains said...

As a soccer fan, I don't think any rugby is watch-able.

ß&dragon said...

With enough julep & cucumber sandwiches in your system, anything is watch-able on a warm summer day.

Ryan from Rayne said...

I hate the haka! It's done to indimidate opponents, and as such seems very unsporting.

Rugby is very big in the UK (a sport that Wales, Ireland and England are good at!) and is part of the reason why American Football is so unpopular here - to British eyes, American Football is just a poor man's Rugby.

Brains said...

ryan, i think you meant fat man's rugby.