May 04, 2008


I've made four copies of my slow-builded cathedral, Prophecy & Doggerel, of which almost all of the nonsense poems can be found scattered across this website. Meanwhile, while I wait for the Nations of the Earth to heed it, my newest newer project is top-secretly being kept under wraps, until such time as its location can be disclosed, declassified. However! Bad at secrets, & without revealing the nature of its nature, I'll publish the text of a tune called "Berkeley".

Oh, Jesus like a mountain faun upon the verdant plain,
Oh, Jesus like a coming dawn, close as your jocular vein.
So long I've wandered down below, so long I've lived in pain.
That I will love my Lord above till only fossils remain.

Till only bones remain, my Lord, and all the plants are dead,
A mighty angel clothed in cloud, a rainbow upon his head.
So long I've traveled on this ground, so long I've died in dread,
Now I will come to you, my Lord, and live forever instead.

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