April 30, 2008

Correspondences: Late April 2008

fromRachel Eley <_______@yahoo.co.uk>
toJames Welsch <_@itwaslost.org>,
dateSun, Apr 27, 2008 at 2:41 PM
subjectbread of heaven

What are your favourite hymns? I am trying to pick some for the service. The family hymn is Guide Me O Thy Great Redeemer, which is always a good sing, but I need two more. In particular, I would like one out of the three song-spaces we have to be occupied by something that might be recognised by a wider group than just the born-and-bred Anglicans. Trouble is it has to be played on a church organ in an 11th century church so anything other than timeless gets shown up for what it really is. And, if the song lacks a certain requisite dignity the organ ends up sounding like a mighty wurlitzer and half the congregation get the giggles. I like Will The Circle Be Unbroken but the lyrics are hardly appropriate.

Are you able to come? If you do will you bring a uke? There will be many opportunities to play it.


fromRachel Eley <____________@yahoo.co.uk>
toJames Welsch <_@itwaslost.org>,
dateSun, Apr 27, 2008 at 2:42 PM
subjectbread of heaven

ps. I could hear you singing!

fromJames Welsch <_@itwaslost.org>
toRachel Eley <_________@yahoo.co.uk>,
dateTue, Apr 29, 2008 at 10:04 AM
subjectRe: bread of heaven

Hello Miss Rachel!

I've been thinking about your quandary. My two thoughts are, my current favorite sacred harp tunes, with words by the immortal Isaac Watts, is a good positively eco-friendly text perfect for the summer solstice:

'Tis by thy strength the mountains stand,
God of eternal power;
The sea grows calm at thy command,
And tempests cease to roar.

The thirsty ridges drink their fill,
And ranks of corn appear;
The ways abound with blessings still,
'Thy goodness crowns the year.

(We sang that on the radio, but it can also be really pretty - 344 Rainbow) The Poem:

My second thought is you should write your own appropriate lyrics for The Circle Be Unbroken, &C.

Happy May Day,
Sandy Hussein

"Now when I die don't bury me at all
Just place me away in alcohol
My forty four lay by my feet
Please tell them I am just asleep"
-Carter Family


James, you fancy gentleman!
Between You and Peter Zillmann

Today at 7:55am
James! How the heck are you?

Today at 10:30am
Hi Pete! Thanks for being my friend. The internet!
I'm doing fine. I work [...] jobs in the sf bay area. Life! Sometimes I play the my blue electric ukulele at open mics.
How are you?

James Welsch!

Today at 10:53am
Ahh, the Intertubes. Is there anything they can't do?

I'm glad to hear you're doing well! [...] sounds wonderful. If you're going to do have a shitty job you may as well do it someplace wonderful like the Bay area. Good for you! I hope you love it there.

I don't think I've ever seen a blue electric ukulele. I'm glad to hear they exist and are in such esteemed custody. I've actually been considering getting myself a uke recently, though more the $30 trash variety than the investment-quality electric sort.

I'm well also. I work as a computer nerd at a small liberal arts college in southwest Michigan. I spend my free time traveling as much as my pocketbook allows. I've been doing state capitals for the past few years. 25 down, 25 to go. Didn't you live in Carson City once upon a time? Tiny little capitol building, Nevada has.

It's great to hear from you!


Today at 12:33pm

I was raised in Incline Village, NV, an hour from Carson City. It's true, you can walk right in the front door, down a hall, & right into the Gov's office. How many other states boast such intimacy?

No! Spend an extra hundred & order yourself a Fluke from Flea Market music - I am an unofficial spokesman for this wonderful company. Their ukes are magical.
For a couple hundred you can get electro-acoustic pick-up, perfect for open mics & playing with rock bands, or amplified hair-dryers, depending on what night of the week it is.
Here's some YouTubes of me playing my blue mountain uke:


I like your state capitol plan. I visited my fiftieth state, Alabama, last May.

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