April 25, 2008


Beach Party on Saturday, if anyone is in San Francisco, la! The Invite is as follows:

Beach Party My Friends, Please Come!
In Celebration Of In Celebration Of In Celebration Of
Misters Welsch & Golden, Miz Ball

Time and Place

Saturday, April 26, 2008
2:00pm - 11:00pm
Liam Golden Gate Park / Ocean Beach!
San Francisco, CA

Contact Info

Email: _@itwaslost.org


This party will be in two parts, & exists for a host of reasons. All are welcome. First, afternoon lunch in beautiful beautiful Golden Gate Park, with shrimps on the barbie (note: no shrimp). Ahem, this will, specifically be at:

"At the Pits off of JFK Drive betwen Buffalo and Speedway Meadows, on the South side of road (not speedway meadows! smaller meadow you will see us or call Alaine's cellular telephone: _____)"

Then, part two, bring your woodies, we will adjourn on OCEAN BEACH MOMOFUKU, across from the Beach Chalet. There will be several bonfires there, ours will be the one with us at it. My cell phone number, please do not repeat this to telemarketers, is (-Nevada-) eight three zero seven three eight five. Hello!

-Fourth Annual Golden Gate Sacred Harp Convention all morning / early afternoon at Potrero Hill. If anyone's interested, please contact me for details. A drink & night of carousing will be necessary after six hours of singing.
-Miss Ball will be moving to New Mexico & Mr Golden will be traveling to Morocco, & fare thee wells are in order.
-We really haven't been drinking enough in parks or at the beach this month, please. Come!


Anonymous said...

Drinking and carousing are not consistent with Sacred harp singing!

ß&dragon said...

A fair point, Anonymous. However, you missed that I will be singing to the Lord in the morning, & cooking vegetables & drinking beer in the evening.

Quill said...

Please find and drink some rakia for me. I will do the same.