April 23, 2008

Berkeley Sacred Harp on KUSF - Listen to the entire Live EP right here!

Good day, friends. The San Francisco Bay Area Sacred Harp singing community, which meets in Berkeley every Monday evening, was invited to sing live on the radio, KUSF 90.3, on a program called "Classics Without Walls". Amazingly, within twenty-four hours, Will - (a great singer from Kalamazoo who often sings with us while he's thru here on business) - posted an audio file of the entire show, which can be heard here:


We spend a lot of time explaining the style & chitchatting with the host, but I've extracted just the music (with a few tiny excerpts of the show). And I think it makes a nice Live EP, which can be heard in its entirety here:

All fourteen of us standing in a hollow square, singing into just one inappropriate microphone, actually makes for a perfect traditional singing-in-a-can retro sound. (Also, contrary to what I indicated earlier, I am singing tenor the whole time, if you can't tell.)

P.S., don't forget to come to the Fourth Annual Golden Gate Sacred Harp Convention this Saturday, at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, information here: http://fasola.org/sf/goldengate/

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