March 11, 2008

Word from Bolivia

Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 19:32:48 -0700 (PDT)
From:Send an Instant Message "Jenny Ruth Crawford" <>
Subject: spider monkeys
To:Lots of people

hey guys,

just a quick message to let you know that i´m alive and as dirty and stinky as can be, working my ass off twelve hours a day in the jungle with my lovely spider monkey friends. i get off so late that it´s an effort for a shower and dinner so crossing the perilous bridge to the email cafe is too much. also, it´s usually pouring rain by nine which is about dinner time. really, i don´t think that anyone knows the meaning of the word ´dirty´until they work with monkeys. they are lovely and disgusting. there´s a saying here about how it´s the only job in the world where you pay to get shit on, pissed on, rained on, work your ass off and still love it. it´s by far the hardest and coolest thing i´ve ever done.

thank you for writing me, i´m so happy to hear from you. i´ve made a month long commitment and today is day 10. be in touch after that.

love you guys,



When I talked to her briefly on the phone, she said that she's got forty-five of the Spider Monkeys, & that her favorites are Ramona & Jenny, the latter of which has to be tied to a pole because she runs of & terrorizes the town.

Here is a picture of Jenny Ruth with a different kind of monkey:

And here's a picture of a Spider Monkey from the website of the place she's working - - which, I may humbly point out, looks like it's in some serious need of donations.

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