March 19, 2008

weighing in on recent events/why I still support Obama

Hello all. Of course everyone out there in the universe and the blog-o-whatever are welcome to their opinions about the rev. Wright uproar and the speech that followed it and yackety schmackety. And I, indeed, am entitled to mine, which is as follows.
Our democracy (whatever is left of it) will implode if the few remaining intelligent independently thinking citizens of this country allow their brainmatter to be scorched beyond recognition by a media that incessently shows only extreme soundbites completly out of context historical and otherwise, for the sake of ratings and profits. we will also be transformed beyond recognition into a mechanism of idiot-groupthink if those of us with some remaining capacity to think with moderation and critical faculty, make the dire mistake of attributing any signifigance whatsoever to the comments of pundits, bloggers, and bums on the street who have not made any effort on their own behalf to find the aforementioned context historical and otherwise, which is so tragically lacking in our sensationalist media. which is constantly spoonfed to us. aggressively spoonfed. bottom line: think for your motherfucking selves. If your own healthy thriving brainmatter and multiple (non-mainstream media) sources tell you that Barack Obama is not the incarnation of some reverse-racist beezlebub by association,then continue to support him, with your money and, importantly, your voice, like I am doing. haters will hate. thinkers will think. lets see who wins.

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